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Making Time For Your Priorities

Where are your priorities? Our family is on the geeky-side. Our idea of enjoyment is listening to TedTalks together. Yesterday we listened to one where the speaker discussed time-saving tips. She said simply, you have the time to do what you determine is the priority. So true! I find I am most productive when I have a lot going on. When I have something early in the day, I am up and moving–trying to squeeze in a little something before I dash off. Throw in a load of laundry, clean out my kitchen drawers, anything that will take up only 15-20 minutes. When I don’t have to get up and go to work or to a meeting, I drag my feet. I enjoy a cup of coffee, play a quick computer game (that takes me 40 minutes), then log into my email. I then distract myself with “cleaning out” emails, feeling a sense of accomplishment when I hit delete or unsubscribe to something. Finally, time to write. Now I’m hungry and it’s time to refill my coffee mug. Back downstairs I go. People ask how I got so much done when I was working full time for the Air Force, running a publishing company, and writing my own books. Not to mention two daughters and a husband to attend to. I made time. It all worked and everything got done. Now, as an Air Force retiree, I have gained back 50 hours per week, but somehow I’m still just as busy. Oh, I’m doing much more with the publishing company–more meetings, more training, and certainly more studying. I’m also quilting more and looking at fun projects to take on. I’ve wrapped all my Christmas presents BEFORE Christmas Eve, and I still haven’t written more than a few pages in my Lady Tigers’ book series. Time to readjust my priorities…

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