Giver, Taker, Matcher–which one are you? On Ted Talks (, Organizational Psychologist Adam Grant gave a talk about Givers, Takers, and Matchers in the work environment. Givers are the type of people that spend so much time helping others that their work may suffer. Takers take–obviously–and that can hurt an organizational greatly by making the others feel used. I have to admit, I think I fall in the Matcher category.

Matchers believe in quid pro quo. They want things to be fair. They don’t mind helping, but they expect you to help in return. Thankfully, according to Adam, I’m not going to hurt an organization and will excel in a group of givers because matchers tend to follow the norm. If they are surrounded by givers, they give more. If they are surrounded by takers, they will keep to themselves.

Check out his talk to learn how to be on the lookout for takers when you’re hiring. Let me know what you are!