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Meet the Lady Tigers!

The Lady Tigers is a 14-and-under team comprised of girls from the local area. The girls are currently hard at work gearing up for their next season. Led by Coach Kory Kerrington, Sam Elliot, and Dave Morgan, the Lady Tigers represent a wide variety of different strengths, weaknesses, and positions. Each Lady Tiger has a steadfast commitment to the team, dedication to improvement, mutual respect for each other, and a love for the game. Fastpitch softball is not an easy game-- it requires long hours of practice, a desire to improve, and sacrifices made for weekend tournaments. The girls often find that along with the highs of winning, comes the lows of defeat and hardship. However, our team is bound with strong, capable life-long friends who love what they do. Both on and off the field, we are a team. The girls have bonded from their initial tryout and continue to support each other in all that they do.

Come meet our team!

Trish | Amy | Sally | Nikki | Margie | Avery | Bianca | Charlotte | Tammy | Nicole