Tammy Tries Baseball

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Twenty players. Two games. One challenge.

When Tammy Marshall yells across the field at the local boys’ baseball team about how easy their sport is, she isn’t prepared for the epic tournament to follow. The teams had been bickering back and forth until finally, they decide to settle it like ballplayers. The date is set for the Lady Tigers to go up against the boys in one game of softball and one game of baseball. Winner takes glory and bragging rights forever. Emotions are running high for all the girls, especially Tammy. Is this their chance to prove the superiority of their skills once and for all? Or has Tammy set her team up for their worst defeat yet?

Tammy Tries Baseball captures the anxiety and ultimate joy of trying something new. If you like sports action, quick dialogue, and coming-of-age friendships, you’ll love this latest installment of the Lady Tigers. In the compelling finale to Dawn Brotherton’s first Lady Tigers series, it may be time for the team—and the reader—to win some and learn some.

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Book 5 in the Lady Tigers Series

Tammy and her friends from the Lady Tigers fastpitch softball team are a force to be reckoned with, but the boys don’t seem to think softball is that hard. When the challenge is accepted, both the girls and the boys have an eye-opening experience. The Lady Tigers know what it truly means to play like a girl.

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