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Nicole Carter

Nicole, Brotherton, softball. Lady Tigers, fastpitch, friends

I am Nicole Carter. I go to Oakland Middle School where I’m in the Green Club, on the debate team, and in the Film Club. I also volunteer at the animal shelter with my best friends Tammy and Amy. I love animals. I got my first dog last year when Tammy’s dog had puppies. Tammy gave me the youngest of the litter and I named him Caboose. I also have a bunny named Chili and a cat named Tiger, named after my favorite of all hobbies—my softball team.

I’ve been playing softball since I was six. My stepmom, Wendy, played when she was little and my aunt was a pitcher for her high school team. That’s why my number is 3—I’m the third person in my family to play like a girl! One day I hope to teach my 5-year-old stepsister, Suzannah, to play fastpitch softball. I love the workshops my team set up for the kids on base. It makes me happy to share what I love with others. I want to make them happy too.