Sally Andrews

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I am Sally Andrews and I eat, sleep, and breathe softball. I want to be a pitcher for the rest of life. I can’t imagine anything else. The Lady Tigers is a great team to teach me how to get the most out of the game as an athlete and as a team member. I dream of playing professionally and hope to one day have the opportunity to coach my own team. My sister and I want to play on a national level one day as the perfect pitcher and catcher team. Nikki and I have been training together since a softball would fit in our hands, and we have yet to put it down. Sharing my love of softball is one of my favorite parts of the game. I can never stay away from playing for long, or else I miss everything about it: The feeling of the dirt on the field, the smell of the freshly cut grass in the outfield, and the sharp look of the white chalk on the brown earth. When I play softball, the rest of the world seems to disappear. Being on the pitcher’s mound is like nothing else, surrounded by my friends playing the game I love. I have a strong bond with more than just my sister—all the Lady Tigers are like family. I remember how great it felt when we came together to make the clinic a success. That feeling—making a true difference with my friends—is the greatest victory of all.