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Charlotte Hayden

Brotherton, fastpitch, fastpitch softball, girls, Lady Tigers, score, softball team, teamwork, sport, play, CharlotteMy name is Charlotte Hayden. My hobbies include softball, shopping, up-cycling, and baking. Don’t worry if you don’t know what up-cycling is. My friends didn’t at first either. I love taking clothes that are just okay and making them pop with my own flair. That might mean adding bling, ribbons, or a splash of color. I think I have an eye for it. I probably get that from my older sister that works in New York City.

Of course, all of these hobbies are made better because I do them with my best friends, Bianca and Avery. They’ve stuck by my side for years. They were there for me when my mom left, when I almost failed my history class, and even when I’m almost moved to New Jersey.

My dad is an architect. I might want to work with him someday, if I don’t go to New York with my sister. I love the collaboration Dad uses with the carpenters, city planners, and engineers. His job depends on teamwork—just like a softball game. Every play is easier when you have a good team member to back you up. Thankfully, the Lady Tigers have lots of great players!