Books by Dawn Brotherton have a wide-range in genre–mystery, romance, softball, and middle grade sports.

Jackie Austin Mysteries

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mystery, Austin, Brotherton, books by Dawn

The Jackie Austin Mystery Series began when Dawn was one of the first female missile launch officers in the Air Force. She was stationed at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri. While there, she had a stalker.

Her friends found the story fascinating. It wasn’t until she was able to move on from Whiteman that she could look back upon the experience and turn it into a story. She is happy to report the murders in the book are NOT based on a true story.


romance, Brotherton, Austin, DC, love, sexWhen she was ready to take a break from writing mystery, Dawn decided to try her hand at romance. She was still in the Air Force at that time, so decided that using her own name wouldn’t be prudent. Misty Austin was born–and did well! She won an eBook Global Bronze medal for her writing of Worth the Wait. After her retirement in October 2016, Dawn decided to reveal herself as Misty Austin.



Lady Tigers

Dawn has played softball since she was nine years old. She has coached, umpired, and kept score for many years. Now her two teenage daughters also play fastpitch–it’s in their blood! The Lady Tigers’ Series was born out of an idea hatched by Dawn’s oldest daughter. Now Dawn is determined to keep it going. Her younger daughter helps with content editing and back cover copy.

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More Softball

While keeping score for both her daughters’ travel fastpitch teams throughout thsoftball, score, fastpitch, girls, sports, learning, teache summers, Dawn created her own softball scorebook that was easier to read, had more places to take notes, and actually had a way to teach a scorekeeper what he or she needed to know for the game. She beta-tested it by handing it out at various tournaments throughout the season, receiving feedback from coaches and scorekeepers. Her Scoresheet gets repeat customers after first use.